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  • Description

    The clever key shaped multi-tool that opens everything but doors.

    Quickey is also touch-safe and fly safe, so you can easily open those pesky in-flight peanuts.

    Features include:

    • File
      File your nails, remove burs, or do other file-y things.
    • Bottle Opener
      This one is self explanatory and completely necessary!
    • Serrated Edge
      This touch-safe edge saws through cord and is great for popping tags off new clothing.
    • Scoring Point
      Score paper, tape, clamshell packaging and more. We have found countless uses for touch-safe feature.
    • #2 Flat Head Screwdriver
      The most commonly needed screwdrivers now always on your keychain. Also great for piercing tasks.

    (NOTE: Engraving is available on orders of $1,000 or more of this product. For more information and ordering information please contact us at quickey@trident-design.com or 614.291.2435.)

  • Quickey
  • Quickey
  • Quickey
  • Quickey
  • Quickey
  • Quickey

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